Dreamscape 019

Amelia's Father's House



' '“Aww, Sig looks mean. But just remember, he’s a sucker for a few table scraps…”

Amelia's Father:

“Amelia! Where do you think you’re gallivantin’ off to with that farm rat? You get in here this minute, daughter, and fix my dinner!”


'“He drinks his dinner most nights. But if I don’t cook up something anyway he’ll hide me black and blue…”'


'''His name was Lawrence. It always struck me as a fancy- sounding name for such a horrible old drunk. Amelia’s mother had died years earlier, and the old man had never gotten over it. To make up for the loss, he hoarded his daughter to himself, refusing to share her with the world. He tried to crush her spirit so she would never leave him. In their house, love turned into slavery. Amelia loved her father. She loved him just as much as she hated him. I never understood it. Lawrence detested me. I think he knew from the beginning that I was going to take his daughter away from him someday. '''

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