Dreamscape 001

The Gate

Amelia always wanted to be married at the hilltop church. It was the one small-town thing about her. Every part of her body wanted to move away, but for some reason she wanted to get married at the small church on a hill.

To enter the gate you have to climb the bluff and get a pin to pick the lock. This will allow you to open the gate. At first the door to the church will not be open but later on it will be unlocked.

Dreamscape 002

The Grave Yard

The graveyard added a spooky feel to the chruch. It was old and clasic for it's time. It was were all the people of the town went after they died.

Dreamscape 004

The Cake

At first you said you wanted to elope. You and Amelia could go off to the big city and be married. She wanted to be married at the church though, so you then wanted to ask her father's blessing. She was afraid of what his reaction might be but you asked him anyway. Lawrence didn't show any emotion. He just sighed and went to work in the fields.

Dreamscape 003

The Church

The day of your wedding came and you stood at the front. But Amelia never came. Your father told you that some men are left the day of the wedding. You never saw her again, or her from her, or knew anything about her after that day. The last memory you hold is of you and her in the barn having one last picnic. Little did you know of her accual fate.